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This description page is kind of like a brief idea. The main idea of making this was to make other viewers laugh so hard that they pee themselves (FAIL) of funniness. There are alot of pictures in the articles that I've recently made or edited in the past day or 6. I've uploaded a picture that I mentioned in one of my articles which is the one on the upper left hand corner. So epic fail wiki is mainly about "Flah"s* and what not, but no spamming, please.


Welcome to Epic Fail wiki

Where a man can have a blast! Or should I say- Where a man can have a FAIL! Look at tthe contents. If it's closed, click SHOW. Look at number 2. Nothing. IMPOSSIBLE TO DO!!!! Good thing it only happened on Epicfail wiki! This is one of the best wiki's in the world! And I have proof!! Read this and see the truth!

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Congratulations! You've earned the no. 2 funniest wiki in the universe, and we'll add a link to the funniest sites yet! and the other one is

We do not own these, but these wikis are on the TOP FUNNIEST WIKI LIST! Congratulations! You're so hilarious! We will show you one of the funnitest fail website on the planet! go to! It's the best website the Wiki staff have ever seen!!! Check it out!!

FAILS of all eternityEdit

Help! I can't stop FAILing in school! Somebody help!!!!

Jello10- well, may I know your scores?

math- 27%

reading- 49%

english- 64%

spelling- 52%

Jello10- Ok. Good thing this is on EPIC FAIL WIKI! ===
The "I" FAIL===

Look at this I. Looks different. I. Kinda funny. If you want this I then COPY and PASTE it. This I is a FAIL FAIL!

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